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Padel Tripper started from a genuine passion for the game. We love padel and we love bringing people together; so far we have organised over 400 events with groups made up people from all over the world across a range of skill levels.

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Ollie Podd is a qualified padel coach. In 2022 he created Alicante Social Padel, a series of events for people from all over the world to play padel in Alicante. The group has gone from strength to strength and now plays almost every day of the week.

Now with over 400 organised events, hundreds of people have played with us and many have also benefitted from Ollie’s coaching along the way.

One thing became clear from hearing the feedback – everyone loves it! So now we offer the same experience to people from outside of Alicante to come and enjoy their time playing and learning padel, safe in the knowledge they are in the best hands at a recognised venue with first class facilities.

4.9/5 Review Score on MeetUp from 328 reviews
4.9/5 Review Score on MeetUp from 328 reviews

While you are with us we want you to enjoy as much padel as you can handle as well as exploring the amazing Alicante. We want your first thought at the end of your trip to be ‘when can I do that again?’.

Ollie Podd

Padel Tripper is a member of Protected Trust Services. This means that your trip is completely protected from any financial risk.

Padel high five
Padel, perfect form off the glass
Padel, waiting for the ball off the glass
Alicante Social Padel tournament day


We play all year round due to the amazing Alicante weather


We play at the best facilities in Alicante 10 minutes from the city centre.


Our padel group has 700 members with 100+ regular players.


When you finish playing, the beach and Mediterranean is only minutes away!


Create your own group experience just the way you would like it.

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