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You are in for a treat if you haven’t discovered padel yet. And what better introduction could you have than an amazing Mediterranean holiday being trained by professional coaches?

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Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Let us explain why..

If you play and enjoy other racquet sports, chances are you might get addicted to padel once you try it. It encapsulates all of the best parts of the most popular alternatives and is often described as a cross between squash and tennis. Some of the key features of padel that make it a more enjoyable version of both of these sports include:

  • The smaller court and primarily playing in doubles teams make it a highly social sport. You are closer to your playing partners / opponents and interaction between partners and teams is constant
  • Padel racquets (‘pala’ in Spanish, literally means shovel) don’t have strings so the ball moves more slowly than in squash or tennis. This can result in long and intense rallies, especially for fitter and quicker players. When you play a padel match, there are usually several points that end in smiles across all players because the point kept on going long after it would have ended in other racquet sports
  • The enclosing walls add variety and as in the last point, help keep rallies going that would otherwise be over in tennis, for example. It requires different strategies other than just hitting straight winners past your opponent, especially so as you improve your skills and agility across the court
  • Padel is much less intense on the body compared to tennis making it more accessible. Typically you do lots of short sprints and stretches as opposed to running across a whole tennis court. Unless you are really fit, tennis can leave you exhausted quite quickly whereas padel you can play for much longer generally

Some of Examples of the Top Players Making Padel Look Easy:

Padel has grown from a completely new game in the 1960s and is quickly becoming the fastest growing participation sport in the world. Below are some of examples of how padel has really taken off.

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